Online Article Evaluator

For individuals and micro enterprises, submit your copy to CaliberAI's web interface, whether a short article, blog post or short form piece of text, to risk evaluate for the presence of defamatory or harmful content.

Receive instant, intuitive in-browser insights, and take action to reduce your risk.

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What makes us different

Powered by a unique, high-quality dataset of defamation examples, and managed by a team of annotation experts, CaliberAI's pioneering tools augment human capability to detect language with a high level of legal and defamatory risk.

Unique data

Unique, carefully crafted datasets, training multiple machine learning models for production deployment.

Expert led

Expert annotation, overseen by a diverse, publisher led team with deep expertise in news, law, linguistics and computer science.

Explainable outputs

Pre-processing and post-processing with explainable AI outputs.