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What does 'attention weights' and the corresponding numbers mean?

Algorithmic explanation (or 'XAI', as it's often termed) is an increasingly important part of AI regulation, particularly in the EU, under Articles 13-15, 22 of GPDR for example, as well as Recital 38, The Artificial Intelligence Act.

At CaliberAI we have optimised our AI systems to be as XAI compliant as possbile. We do this through the use of 'attention weights', best understood as a mechanism for directing an AI system’s focus.

In CaliberAI's case, our use of attention weights forces our classifier to show a user which words have contributed the most to the probability score of the classification.

You can read more about this in our blog post, Interpretability, Accuracy and Transparency: Using 'Grey-box' Models to Make Artificial Intelligence Intelligible.